First Time Visitor?

If you are wondering what to expect or have questions about the practical details of getting to and being part of the community, here is some information that may help!

in the middle of worship, the people come forward for Communion What to wear? North Highland is very unusual for a Presbyterian Church – or, maybe any church – in this way: people wear what they want to wear to worship. Some people wear suits, some wear jeans, some wear the only clothes they have.

What time? Worship starts at 11:00 o’clock on Sunday morning and ends around Noon. A light brunch / refreshment continues after worship.

Where? Worship happens in the North Highland Presbyterian Church, also known as the Highland Event Center. There are 2 buildings. Worship happens in the sanctuary that is in the redbrick building on Julian Street – between West 29th Avenue and Hayward. The official address of the sanctuary building is 2945 Julian Street, Denver, CO 80211.  All parking is street parking in the neighborhood, except reserved spots directly in front of the redbrick building, for special needs. Until 11:00 a.m., the people gather in the sanctuary, both to greet each other and for personal, centering prayer. Worship begins at 11:00 a.m.

Wheelchair accessible? The first floor of the Sanctuary is accessible for wheelchairs, using the outdoor ramp on the southside of the building that faces the alley between church buildings. An electric lift is available instead of the stairs to the lower level, Garden Room, restrooms, and kitchen.

Prayers of the People? The pastor opens this time of prayer and everyone is invited to pray the Lord’s Prayer out loud. In between the pastor’s opening and the Lord’s Prayer, anyone is welcome to pray, out loud, using the microphone, for joys and concerns.

Hands-On Prayer for Healing and Wholeness during Communion? A prayer station is available during Communion, to receive prayers for healing and encouragement. The pastor or elder will place his or her hands on the top of your head and speak a prayer for you.

Communion? The Sacrament of Communion is also known as the Eucharist or the Lord’s Supper. We celebrate this feast of God’s grace every Sunday. Everyone is invited to come forward to take a piece of the loaf of bread and dip it into the cup of grape juice. If people cannot walk forward or wish to remain in their seats, an elder will bring the cup and bread to them.

Childcare? Children of all ages are welcome in worship for the whole service. Kids are welcome, also, to go for Kids' Church - an interactive time with different Bible stories and games that takes place for half of the service, upstairs in the Sanctuary building. The Kid's Church leader will invite kids to follow her upstairs during the Passing of the Peace, during worship.

Scripture and Sermons? Every Sunday, a reading from the Old Testament and a reading from the New Testament are part of the worship. The pastor usually preaches for about 15 minutes – connecting the Scriptures with the reality of our lives – suggesting different practical and spiritual ways to connect with God’s eternal presence in the midst of life’s limitations. Often, members of the congregation and guests who represent a variety of experience will preach – as a way of honoring the variety of gifts God gives all of us and how important it is to empower and support each other in proclaiming the good news!

Music and Singing? North Highland uses the blue Presbyterian hymnal for many hymns during worship. Also, during worship we sing a variety of other songs (from contemplative chants to gospel to Eagle's Wings).  Music is a lively part of the worship and important avenue for prayer.


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