North Highland Church

is a community of people who are:

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  • Living in apartments or in half-million dollar homes
  • Walkers, bikers, drivers, or bus riders
  • Handicapped or able-bodied
  • Blind or sighted
  • Refugee, immigrant, or American-born
  • Grade school graduates, M.D.s, Ph.D.s, or every level in between
  • Troubled physically, spiritually, mentally, or “trouble free”
  • Black, brown, white, yellow, and where the races meet, bronze
  • Young, old, and every age in between
  • Non-drinkers, light drinkers, and people who stay sober one day at a time
  • Straight, gay, and celibate
  • Republican, Democrat, and Independent
  • From every denomination, from no church background, and fifth-generation Presbyterian
  • From Asia, Canada, Africa, Central America, and Colorado

 Society separates us into these categories, but God does not.


Mission Statement

We are a progressive, emergent community, committed to exploring the mystery of God together and nurturing the spiritual path for all people who come through the doors or gardens, whether that be for worship and prayer, meditation or yoga, concerts or classes, weddings or ceremonies, the urban food movement or the arts, connected with the North Highland Church as well as with our partners who share the building - making a Sacred Co-operative for the sake of the world.


The Ministry of Coworking 


“Inspired by, The Grove, the Highlands Center coworking space provides a “third space” in which to build deep and meaningful relationships with others by pouring into them and supporting them in their life-giving dreams. From these relationships then spring opportunities to help people notice and explore The Spirit at work around and within them. As people who do not know the Spirit’s fingerprints or fragrance encounter this work, they are drawn toward it “as the deer thirsts for living water.” (Ps 42) Thus both actively and passively God works in and through The Grove, and the Highlands Center coworking space, to bring The Reign of God, beginning with the community and spreading throughout the city and around the world. Coworkers at The Grove [and the Highlands Center coworking space] then return to their own constellation of communities (even churches) transformed and transforming because of what they have experienced in this place.”


— Excerpts from Coworking and the Reign of God, by Rev. Dr. Ken G. Crawford, Senior Pastor at Central Christian Church of Dallas (former Mixologist at The Mix Coworking & Creative Space)


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