Welcome to North Highland! We hope this site will help you learn more about us and how you might connect with the Community Supported Spirituality we foster in the Denver Highlands Neighborhood. We are a progressive, emergent community, committed to exploring the mystery of God together and nurturing the spiritual path for all people who come through the doors or gardens, whether that be for worship and prayer, meditation or yoga, concerts or classes, weddings or ceremonies, the urban food movement or the arts, connected with the North Highland Church as well as with our partners who share the building - making a Sacred Co-operative for the sake of the world.






Sunday, September 25th, 11:00 a.m

A Community Exploration of the Faces & Ways of God



We talk so often about the fundamental importance of experiencing God that we thought an exploration, together, of God would be interesting, helpful, and inspiring. During the Autumn worship, we will not only consider different faces / ways of God, but the prayers, music, environment, and actions of worship will quite possibly allow for the experience of the particular way/face of God we are exploring that day.



Bring the pictures, statues, fabric, images, etc. that represent a face of God, for you. We will build a collection of the many faces of God on the long, rectangular table in the Sanctuary, that will remain and grow (safe) all season.




On Sunday, OCTOBER 2nd at 11:00 a.m, please bring food to share that represents the diversity of flavors, ingredients, and textures of the world’s people. Part of worship will be to actually to enjoy lunch, conversation, and global music together.  Everyone is invited!



We are located at:

2945 Julian Street

(Located just east of 29th & Lowell)
Denver, CO 80211
Office: 303-433-7131


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